Get Poked by Gabrielle Applebaum

Acupuncture for your face

juju spa & organics!

Some turn to the needle to imprint poetry down their torsos. You prefer a little more reason to your rhyme.

Such as complexion perfection, courtesy of Gabrielle Applebaum, acupuncturist at ecofriendly Juju Spa & Organics.

The many-lettered practitioner (she holds a degree from Harvard Divinity School in addition to her Chinese medical accreditations) addresses superficial concerns with holistic remedies. Her facial rejuvenation treatment is essentially a face-lift without chemicals, lasers, or knives.

After light prep work (herbal supplements, intake forms) and a comprehensive Q&A and exam, Applebaum works her teeny needles to stimulate qi and quash fine lines, under-eye bags, and dull skin.

Results are visible after just a couple of rounds, but the blissed-out sensation will hit you right away.

And have you speaking in tongues.

Available at Juju Spa & Organics, 728 South Fourth Street (215-922-3235 or jujusalon.com), $150. Get a 10 percent discount with the pre-purchase of twelve treatments. For information, email info@moxagirl.com or go to moxagirl.com.

Photo: Jaime Kowal / Getty Images

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