Take a Stand in La Belle Rebelle Swimwear

Get ready for summer with these suits

la belle rebelle!

Now is the season of our discontent: We’re sniffling, sweats-bound, and running dangerously low on spiked cider reserves.

Draw a line in the sand (and remind yourself that summer will come) with gutsy new swimwear label La Belle Rebelle.

Designer Fab Silberstein makes a killer case for suiting up. Silky Italian Lycra and lingerie detailing (structured bodices, paneling) wage war on seasonal doldrums. Rainbow-colored tiger, peacock, and snare drum prints eviscerate puffy coat-induced blues.

There are teeny bikinis, but modest bustier and cropped tank top options in mix-and-match polka-dot/floral make stripping down a much less hazardous affair. Even more conservative one-pieces keep body parts and ogling civilians in line.

After all, we’re waging war on winter. But things don’t have to get ugly.

Available at labellerebelle.us, $150-$185.

Photo: Courtesy of La Belle Rebelle