Forensic Facial Feature Sketches by Shawn Feeney

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shawn feeney!

Artists are sexy.

Historically speaking, their romantic gestures (Dali, anyone?) are not.

Commissioned body part sketches by Shawn Feeney dial down the drama while letting you pay tribute to your favorite muse.

The Oakland-based artist sharpened his skills working as a forensic artist for the NYPD and in the art department of Lucasfilm’s visual effects studio, Industrial Light & Magic. Today he lives the gourd life sculpting the likenesses of celebrities into fruits and sketching composite drawings inspired by his days penciling noses, ears, and mouths for arrest shots.

Send Feeney a photo and he’ll honor a beloved feature with a mini portrait in your choice of charcoal or graphite. He specializes in faces and heads, but any part is possible (watch it, now).

Or scoop prints from his Musical Anatomy series, depicting musicians whose instruments exist as natural extensions of their bodies.

Woo new.

Available at shawnfeeney.com, $200-$300. Allow three weeks for completion; sketches ship unframed.

Photo: Courtesy of Shawn Feeney