Screen Play: “House of Cards”

Netflix stacks the deck

Sorry, HBO, your money’s no good here.

This hand goes to Netflix, which outbid the cable network for rights to the dirty Washington drama series (based on the BBC miniseries of the same name) about a ruthless, Machiavellian congressman who will cut a bitch to get ahead.

Last night we hit the Tribeca Grand for a screening hosted by Kate Mara and Beau Willimon. And trust us, you want in on the ace up the streaming site’s sleeve (trailer below).

But first, may we introduce you to …

The Players
Kevin Spacey: House Majority Whip Francis Underwood
Robin Wright: Mrs. Machiavelli/mega-toned policy flexor
Kate Mara: Journalist/TMZ enthusiast/Underwood’s pet Zoe Barnes

The Dealers
David Fincher: Director of the first two (possibly more) episodes. Further directorial talents include James Foley (Fear) and Joel Schumacher (A Time to Kill).
Beau Willimon: Co-creator/screenwriter/executive producer (he wrote The Ides of March script).

Season one’s thirteen episodes are available to watch today; season two begins shooting this spring.

Go all in.

Stream House of Cards at netflix.com. Afterward, queue up one of January’s must-see movies, something from our GoWatchIt channels, or a rental you never have to return.

Photos: Melinda Sue Gordon / Courtesy of Netflix