Ego Soleil Collection Launches

All in good taste

ego soleil!

When you wake up to the same bland outfits every morning, it’s no wonder you’re not getting enough sartorial nutrients.

Leggo. Ego Soleil is now part of a balanced wardrobe.

Cooked up by FIT and DKNY alum Monique Anderson, the sporty collection is full of fiber (crepe de chine mainly) that stimulates movement.

Make the room toasty in a high-slit, swirly print illusion bustier dress or get extra support from the high-collar version. A blue, black, and white color-block cocktail frock feels athletic yet feminine (take that, Wheaties).

Orange pajamaesque tie pants look more relaxing than a mimosa, though it’s the buttery blue leather tank top we really crave.

Anderson has lived in NYC all of her 26 years and insists each piece be made from locally sourced ingredients and constructed in the Garment District.

Go ahead, help yourself.

Available at egosoleil.com, $315-$578.

Photo: Courtesy of Ego Soleil