Lush, DailyCandy Style

Lush n. 1. A person who drinks too much, a drunkard: “Get off the floor and pull up your pants, you lush!” 2. Characterized by luxuriant vegetation: “Did you check out how lush the mold was on the Jarlsberg cheese?” 3. Pleasing to the senses: “Did you catch the lush scents wafting from the subway platform this morning?” 4. A cultish British/Canadian cosmetics company known for its handmade, quirky products like Bath Bombs, facial masks that look like guacamole, homemade soaps (cut off by the block, wrapped, and sold in paper like a hunk of cheese), and, most recently, candy-inspired products. 5. The latest corporation to get hip to the fact that, while bathing and spending loads of money on beauty products can be lots of fun… all that we really want in life is candy.