Colette Goes Online

Caution: Please read instructions carefully before proceeding.

1. Hand over your credit card to a trustworthy friend.

2. Close your eyes and think hard about which stores in the world you are likely to do the most damage in. (“Hello? This is Citibank Visa calling… . We’ve noticed some unusually high traffic on your credit card and just wanted to make sure the card was still in your possession…”)

3. Practice saying “Allo?” three times, click your heels, and… click here.

Yup, Colette, the famously chic, infamously overpriced, and terribly snobby Parisian style hub, has gone online. While the selection is still quite limited, and we’re not sure if the customer-service people are as, um, helpful as the waifish gamines in the store, the site, designwise, is pretty damn brill.

Not a bad way to spend a lunch hour…grab a baguette and a nice hunk of Brie, and make like you’re sitting on the Left Bank.