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Mulberry & Vine Opens

Veg out in Tribeca

mulberry & vine!

They say nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. They’re wrong (or have never had a close encounter of the triple-cream-Brie kind).

We say wholesome food that keeps you svelte is as sweet as it gets. Dig in: Mulberry & Vine opens tomorrow in Tribeca.

From buds Michelle Gauthier and Genevieve Lynch, the airy lunch destination is a bit modern, a bit Malibu, and like a picnic minus the grass itch. Chef Justin Schwartz (himself a glowing testament to herbs and spices versus fats and oils) puts nutrition on par with flavor and knows how to make those with dietary restrictions drool.

mulberry & vine!

Tuck into plates of potato salad with preserved lemon and dill, spicy-sweet beets with pomegranate seeds (pictured below), and curried freekeh with mango and cauliflower (pictured at top). Kamut penne with turkey Bolognese takes (some of) the guilt out of pasta (pictured above), though our favorite dish is the frittataesque herbazone (bars of spinach, chard, and egg whites).

Wash it down with a pulpy LuliTonix juice or a glass of Channing Daughters vino.

You know, for the antioxidants.

Mulberry & Vine, 73 Warren Street, at West Broadway (mulberryandvine.com).

mulberry & vine!

Photos: Stephania Stanley / DailyCandy

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