Derby Party Tips Worth Betting On

Get a leg up on the competition

kentucky derby!

Like your sombrero with a dash of big brim? Your tequila with a side of side car? We hope so, since Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby are about to collide on your social calendar. These Derby Day tips will help you breeze through the big weekend.

Talk the Talk
It’s anyone’s game (unless you know a psychic we should meet). Get a leg up on the competition with bookie-worthy betting tips. Just as key? Shush when the bell rings. The race lasts only two minutes, y’all.

Pony Up
Stocking the bar with bottomless cocktails will shave minutes off your ice-run time. Or fly solo with pecan-flavored old-fashioneds.

bottomless cocktails!

Lei It On Thick
You’re winning. (Duh.) Dress the part with DIY rose garlands and Eugenia Kim-approved wide-brim toppers. Bonus points for rocking faux Coachella-worthy headgear.

Be Sweet, Now
Save for booze, nothing soothes small-time losses like a sugary bounty — vodka popsicles and drunken ice cream scoops are sure to please. Now, please pass the bourbon pecan pie.

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Photos: The Library of Congress / Flickr; Suong Nguyen / Courtesy of Lure