Woman Behind the Site: Glitter Guide's Taylor Sterling

The fancy lady dishes on everything from lipgloss to Target

taylor sterling!

If a Pinterest-worthy life is your idea of happily ever after, then Glitter Guide founder Taylor Sterling is your virtual fairy godmother. From berry-fresh recipes to blogger beauty secrets, her easy-to-navigate site makes everyday elegance seem approachable and effortless.

We caught up with the Bay Area beauty to talk weekday meals, cheap thrills, and the one thing she can’t wait to do this summer.

Name: Taylor Sterling

Occupation: Founder and creative director of Glitter Guide

The Style at Home features are always inspiring. Share some of your recent finds.
I always score at Target. Its Threshold line is amazing. I just bought an awesome gold side table and gold animal figures.

What’s your favorite go-to recipe in five ingredients or less?
My husband and I are obsessed with mustard pork chops. We cook them once a week. You cover the pork in Dijon mustard, mustard powder, crushed garlic, and thyme. It’s so easy and tastes delicious.

What did you have for breakfast today?
Coffee and Greek yogurt with berries, honey, and almonds.

Give us a rundown of your beauty bag.
I tend to carry around a few too many items in my beauty bag. I never know when I may need something. My staples are Benefit Fakeup concealer, Chanel Vitalumière Aqua foundation, Maybelline Falsies mascara, Nars Orgasm blush, and Estée Lauder lipgloss in various colors.

What was your best birthday gift of all time?

A bike ride from SF to Tiburon. It was surprising how fun it was! Plus, I love any excuse to go over the Golden Gate Bridge.

taylor sterling!

Share a couple of your favorite cheap thrills with us.
Paddle boating at our local lake. People kind of make fun of it, but it’s very relaxing. And bowling. I get majorly competitive.

What’s been your favorite experience since launching Glitter Guide?
I think overall the best experience is getting to meet all the people that I do through the site.

Finish this sentence: The most memorable meal I’ve had in SF was …
Eating at A16 after we launched Glitter Guide. It was an exciting time. I remember the meal and the drinks being very thrilling after working so hard to launch the site.

Fill in the blank: The one thing I am dying to do this summer is …
Head somewhere tropical. It’s been a few years since my husband and I have gone on a vacation like that. I think after two successful years of Glitter Guide work we deserve it.

Check out Sterling’s latest finds at
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Photos: Alice Gao / Courtesy of Glitter Guide