All Frills, No Frills

The other day we got a tip from a well connected young woman.

So we asked around a bit. And, as fortune would have it, another damn well connected PYT confirmed.

Arsi Skincare Ltd.

Someone spotted Dr. Ruth having a pedicure.
Another spotted Johnnie Cochran getting a manicure there. (Boys, this means you can go there too!)

Then there was the usual round up of socialites…

So while her spot may seem low key, Arsi Kerpitchian’s loyal following (celebrities, royalty, socialites — wait, has InStyle already covered this?) covets Arsi for her high-quality facials, waxing, pedicures, and…

Yip, just when you never wanted to hear the word again, we’ll say it.

Her Brazilian bikini wax.

Many say Arsi’s is as good as, if not better than, the infamous J. Sisters’.

But that, dear friend, is for you to know and us NOT to find out.