How to Be a Good Houseguest

Summer can mean many things to many people. A carefully thought-out suntan, open-toe sandals, alfresco dining, a reason to scope out a new deodorant, half-day Fridays …

Most important: the weekend getaway.

So unless you’ve got that sprawling pad in East Hampton, you’re probably going to mooch. We suggest you do it properly. Below, some rules, and a couple of houseguest gift ideas. If you, um, haven’t been invited anywhere…heck, buy something for yourself.

The DailyCandy rules: How to be a good houseguest.
1. Flush.
2. Wear deodorant.
3. Leave the Britney Spears CD at home.
4. Use your own goddamn razor.
5. Pick up your towel off the floor.
6. Don’t go around singing “Time to wake up!” just because you’re up at 8 a.m.
7. Don’t track sand into the house.
8. Don’t complain about your sunburn; it’s your own fault.
9. Leave the cat at home.
10. Save the bad jokes for the office.
11. Put the dishes in dishwasher (silverware heads-up!).
12. Don’t give your parents the phone number.
13. Zima is not an appropriate thank-you-for-having-me gift.

Black Hound Cookie Assortment from eluxury.com

Dean & Deluca Small Spice Rack

Payard Gift Basket from LuxuryFinder.com

Eleni’s Cookies

Melissa’s Centerpiece Vegetable Basket from eluxury.com

Sunflowers from Sparks.com

An English Pot from Spruce Florist

Steaks from Gachot and Gachot (suppliers to Peter Luger Steak House)

Pepper and Salt Shakers from RetroModern (in gift ideas up to $20)

Digital Camera from Oregon Scientific

Naive Lady Toilet Tissue

JaneFox Beach Bag

“The Rabbit” Corkscrew from Urbanfetch

Daniel Boulud Caviar from LuxuryFinder.com

Chinese Lanterns from Bellemart.com