Brazilian Market Crash

When it comes to sample sales, people will use any excuse to rationalize bizarre, obsessive, and greedy behavior. While DailyCandy does not endorse hair-pulling, scratching or hoarding, we do provide the following information:

Who: Tufi Duek, the Brazilian designer best known for itsy-bitsy photo-screened bikinis and resort wear appropriately named the “Rio” collection.

What: Bikinis (retail $160, here $57); tropical-print pants (retail $180, here $65); glittered denim (Jennifer Lopez is a fan); screen-print tops (retail $85, here $38); assorted leather pieces (retail range $500 and up, here $240)

Where: 530 Broadway, at Spring Street, tenth floor.

When: Today, April 13, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

Bring: Patience and consideration towards your fellow Homo sapiens. (Reminder: It’s only a sample sale). Cash, check, A.E., M.C., and V. are also appreciated (and often more effective).

And lay off the candy. You are expected at the beach.