Hole in One?

Okay, so maybe once upon a time you thought ripped jeans were cool. But somehow, a hole in your favorite cashmere V-neck handed down from your gramps isn’t funny.

And when that chain-smoking trendoid at Thom burns a hole in your Lucien Pellat-Finnet cowlneck, you don’t feel like laughing.

Ah, the joys of winter. No, you don’t need a new winter wardrobe. You need to call the experts at the French American Sewing Company. The unassuming, no-frills spot tucked away in an office building in midtown has been reweaving since 1935. “The art of reweaving is rapidly becoming a lost art,” says proprietor Ron Moore. (Sheesh, these days it’s hard to find someone to sew a button back on for you.)

Back in the day, socialites like Gloria Swanson brought garments in by the armful. “We got a lot of cigarette burns back in the forties,” says Moore. Nowadays, the spot still draws A-list clients. “I probably shouldn’t mention names … but you’d recognize them.”

Yeah. They’re the ones not wearing knee patches on their pashminas.

Many thanks to Brendan Kelly for tipping us off on this item.

The French American Sewing Company, 119 West 57th Street, Room 1406, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues (212-765-4670). Open Mon.-Fri. 10:30a.m.-5:30p.m. Sat. 11a.m.-2p.m.