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Bantam Bagels Hits a Hole in One

The new bakery serves bite-size snacks


Everyone swears she knows where to get the best bagel in the city. We won’t risk getting involved in that vicious debate.

But if you’re looking for a newfangled version, we’ve got the greatest in town. Bantam Bagels opens its doors this Friday with a plan to turn the doughy world inside out.

The gist is — wait for it — bagels in donut hole form (genius, right?). Potently poppable bite-size snacks, Bantams are the chewy part stuffed with classic toppings.

We sampled quite a few: Onion Roll (an onion bagel filled with garlic chive butter), Cinnamonster (cinnamon raisin with sweet walnut cream cheese), Box Lunch (plain with peanut butter and strawberry jam, topped with roasted peanuts), and Everybody’s Favorite (an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese).

You can shovel them in (like we did) or put them in the fridge and toast ’em later. The crafty company might just be the Baked by Melissa of the bagel world.

But let’s not get started on the old cupcake controversy.

Bantam Bagels, 283 Bleecker Street, between Jones Street and Seventh Avenue (646-852-6320 or bantambagels.com).

Photo: Samantha Teich / DailyCandy

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