The Other Racing Stripe

So, you’ve gotten the wax, now what?

Work it, honey! And, as cute as those low-slung, brief-style bikini bottoms are, we stumbled upon a new swimsuit line that made us want to lie down in the sand, cry for Argentina, stand up and head straight back to Arsi or Haven to prep ourselves.

Yes, move over J. Crew. Brazilian and Argentine designers Laura Poretsky and Patricia Iglesias have created the ultimate bikinis for summer. Styles range from James-Bond-girl-inspired low-riders to bitsy Brazilian bottoms. You can choose from prints such as the skyline of St. Petersburg, a stewardess stripe across the front, or simple Swarovski crystals. Tops and bottoms are sold separately, so you can mix sizes and create a suit that actually fits.

Or, if you are really feeling really Rio, you could always just go for a simple thong.

Just don’t let Giuliani know we sent you.