The Credit-Card Blues

The other day, while doing some obligatory damage at agn?s b., we whipped out our credit card, and heard, from behind the counter, a small but noticeable gasp.

No, it wasn’t the four-figure bill we’d racked up; it was our credit card, an AmEx Blue, a sleekish card with a candy-blue foil center.

“That card,” cooed the salesclerk. “It’s so cool. Everyone’s talking about it. They all say they’re not sure what it’s good for, but they like they way it looks.”

That’s right, what’s inside your clutch can be fashionable, even if it causes you serious damage. In its first incarnation, the card was completely clear, but due to a glitch in production, AmEx had to settle for gray. Which seems to please everyone just fine.

“I want one!” griped a recent drinks date. “I mean I’m a Gold Card guy myself, but it’s so cool-looking I want one… just to have one.”

“There is no question some customers got this card simply because they think it’s cool,” says Judy Tenzer, spokesperson for American Express.

And hey, it matches your iBook and Handspring.