Surf's Up

We know you investment-banker types like to get all bad-ass on us.

You’re taking yoga.
You just went shark-hunting with your buddies.
You’re letting it all hang loose in those crazy new flip-flops.

Man, you are fierce!

What you need, dear I’m-breaking-the-mold, I’m-doing-my-thang hipsters, is to go surfing. Oh you say, been there, done that? Well, fine. And it was at the Ritz Carlton in Nevis—with instructor. But have you really surfed, have you really lived, have you really owned up to your true materialistic self until you’ve dropped $2,100 on a Gucci-logo surfboard?

Brad Pitt has.

We kid you not—just when you thought there was not a more ridiculous item to be made…Gucci’s done it again.

How long till Blahnik comes out with the limited edition ski boot? (Now there’s a comfy thought).