Make a Thanksgiving Centerpiece to Impress

A local floral designer shares a seasonal DIY

Who knew hosting Thanksgiving would gobble up a whole month’s paycheck?

Good news: Holiday decor comes cheap — especially in the form of a DIY centerpiece from local floral designer Ariella Chezar.

Impress your guests (and distract them from that overcooked turkey) in just a few simple steps.

diy thanksgiving centerpiece!

Floral frog or tape (or sticky clay to keep the frog in place)
A compote (or any long-stemmed serving dish; we used one from Jamali)
Persimmon branches (or any fruit on the branch)
Beech leaves
Leucothoe (or any other type of foliage)
Ivy, preferably with berries
Majolica (or any available spray roses)
Chestnuts, for a simple garnish

1. Attach a frog or create a tape grid at the bottom of the compote. (To create a tape grid: Crisscross clear tape in strands, forming a grid along the top of the compote.)

2. Fill the compote with water just below the rim. (Chezar suggests cutting stems before submerging in water for a longer-lasting arrangement.)

diy thanksgiving centerpiece!

3. Secure three persimmon branches to the frog or tape grid in the shape of a tripod. (Beginning with a tripod creates balance and keeps the arrangement from becoming too symmetrical.)

diy thanksgiving centerpiece!

4. Add the beech leaves and leucothoe around the rim, leaving the center of the arrangement open. (The more foliage you use, the fewer flowers you need.)

diy thanksgiving centerpiece!

5. Start filling in the center with the ivy, allowing it to overlap with the leaves and branches. (Keep leaves from being submerged in water; this lengthens the life of the arrangement.)

diy thanksgiving centerpiece!

6. Add majolica, filling in holes throughout the arrangement. (Don’t be afraid to keep the arrangement low. To measure: Place an elbow upright on the table and make a fist: A proper centerpiece should not extend above the fist.)

diy thanksgiving centerpiece!

7. Fill any gaps with extra leaves, ivy, and branches. Place a bowl of chestnuts next to the arrangement for a festive garnish.

diy thanksgiving centerpiece!

For more DIY ideas, blooms, and floral know-how, go to Ariella New York, 5 Tudor City Place, at 41st Street (212-922-0882 or ariellaflowers.com).

Photos: Samantha Teich / DailyCandy

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