Cup Champion

If you have one of those blessed chests that can wear skimpy dental floss bras (or no bra at all), delete this now.

If you get your thrills from daring little things like a pearl thong , or rhinestone-studded underwear jewelry, get back to your work. Move on with your day.

You aren’t invited to the Orchard Corset Center.

If, on the other hand, you save floss for your teeth, and prefer some more serious support, we support you. So does Ralph Berk, the shop’s proprietor. Berk has an uncanny talent. The man can eye the outlines of your shirt almost as if he knows it’s a little strange for an Orthodox Jewish man to have the gift of sizing up a rack with the accuracy of a Nobel prize-winning scientist. This is serious bra counsel. And, ahem, we’ve noted that some of you could use a bit of advice on that front.
(Four boobs does not a woman make.)

And the prices! Wacoals, those French-sent gifts to D cups, the ones that never go on sale elsewhere, are always half price.

Two for the price of four? Four for the price of two? Keep it at two. And, as the Website says, have an uplifting day.