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Il Buco Vita Exposes Italy’s Finest

Where to find the (home) goods

The only time we considered shoplifting? Every meal at Il Buco.

We’ve spent hours pining to live amid its rustic decor, reminiscent of a well-lived-in Italian kitchen.

Good news for our criminal record (and yours): Thanks to Il Buco Vita, you can finally (legally) replicate the look in your own abode. The latest addition to the famed restaurant family proffers Italian home goods sourced from the motherland.

il buco vita!

Owner Donna Lennard and Italian partners Antonello and Lorenzo Radi pick every piece (none of which has been sold in the U.S. until now). Their shared love for all things handmade and old world imparts the showroom with a warm, worldly vibe.

Stock your shelves with pinch carafes, pitchers, and one-of-a-kind chalices (free-blown from recycled bottles by a young artist outside Rome). Light, pure beeswax double-wicked candles were formed using the age-old dripping method in the medieval town of Bevagna.

il buco vita!

Hand-wrought cutting boards made from centuries-old repurposed wood, substantial pink and black-marble mortar and pestle sets, and antique hemp-grain sack-lined baskets crafted from natural vines and thin metal wire (traditionally used for chicken coops) are all functional and beautiful.

It’s only natural that Il Buco’s Mediterranean pantry staples — olive oil, vinegar, sea salt — are for sale, too.

Steal away.

Il Buco Vita, 51 Bond Street, between Bowery and Lafayette Street, second floor (212-533-1932 or ilbucovita.com), $18-$1,500.

il buco vita!

Photos: Michael Grimm / Courtesy of Il Buco Vita

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