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Open (Brooklyn) Sesame

A healthy take on a Middle Eastern confection

brooklyn sesame!

Last month, you devoured enough cookies, cakes, and pies to ride a sugar high through 2015.

Withdrawal is a bitch.

Rather than go cold turkey, satisfy your cravings with a line of locally made halva (translation: “dessert” in Arabic) spreads from Brooklyn Sesame.

Born of founder Shahar Shamir’s desire to find a healthy, unprocessed equivalent of the classic Middle Eastern confection (Shamir is Brooklyn based but hails from Israel), the line began as an experiment involving hand-ground sesame seeds sweetened by honey. A host of dinner party taste tests later, the all-natural, gluten-free peanut butter-like spreads blossomed full force.

They come in six flavors: Roasted sesame and black caraway please the seed obsessed. Nut lovers dip into raw almond- or roasted pistachio-spiked variations. If Nutella is your thing, sample cocoa and sea salt or toasted coconut.

Shamir suggests eating the spreads straight up with a spoon, but adventurous types might pair them with cheese, use them to top ice cream, or slather them on toast.

Trust us: You halva try it.

Available at The Brooklyn Kitchen, 100 Frost Street, at Meeker Avenue, Williamsburg (718-389-2982 or thebrooklynkitchen.com); at brooklynsesame.com, $8-$15.

Photo: Julien Zeitouni / Courtesy of Brooklyn Sesame

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