Throw Back with Winden Jewelry

Nostalgia-inspired accessories from Brooklyn

winden jewelry!

You still have the other half of the heart your second grade BFF gave you many moons ago.

And you haven’t spoken to her in fifteen years.

Let forgotten pals go and update your nostalgia-inspired accessories with quirky jewelry from Brooklyn-based studio Winden. Pratt grad and former In God We Trust-er Rebecca Mapes crafts whimsical necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings that add instant character to your current collection.

Designed, sourced, and produced entirely in NYC, the line takes its name from Mapes’s grandparents’ farm, across the street from her childhood home in Ithaca. Her lifelong love of antique and vintage jewelry drives the cause.

Cheeky ear- and lip-shaped earrings in gold or silver (some studded with diamonds) ignite the senses. Show them the money with dollar, euro, pound, or yen necklaces, rings, and studs. But our favorite piece is the Embrace cuff, in the form of arms that wrap around the wrist.

Like a hug from a friend.

Available at windenjewelry.com, $55-$1,199.

Photos: Courtesy of Winden