Bottled Love from Species by the Thousands

Positive vibes are here to spray

species by the thousands!

Say it, don’t spray it?


Not when it comes to the new line of room sprays from Brooklyn-based Species by the Thousands.

Powered by aromatherapy and all-natural essential oils, the collection of scented mists works like magic to heal and unite mind, body, and spirit.

Invite positive vibes into your personal space with the Love potion, which strengthens attraction by means of ylang ylang, palmarosa, lavender, and geranium. Protection in a bottle — black pepper and petigrain essential oils — wards off negative thoughts and energy.

Boosting physical activity is as easy as believing in Energy’s peppermint and sweet orange combo. Vetiver, patchouli, and ginger, a.k.a. the Money mixture, favor financial success and profit.

The possibilities for each spray are endless, from enhancing meditation to simply freshening a room. Extra attention required? Take a spritz straight to the body.

We’re living poof.

Available at speciesbythethousands.com, $12-$30.

Photo: Courtesy of Species by the Thousands