On Paper, With Love

E-mail is good for many things: sweet office flirtations, corralling a happy-hour crowd…But may we remind you that pen-to-paper is not out of circulation? In fact, as with all things old-school, writing on your own signature stationery is the loveliest gesture you can make.

Now, we know you’re no dingbat, but you do need to learn how to wield one. (Stay with us: A dingbat is a typographical symbol. You know, the tasteful pineapple at the top of Mummy’s correspondence cards.) For classic, try Crane’s. (Think seashells and baskets: v. Palm Beach.) Another favorite is Papivore in New York (great biz cards). And from the days of extra-extra- read-all-about-it!, we bring you Aardvark Letterpress, a family-run design shop near downtown Los Angeles where you pick your typography, paper, and, yes, dingbats. Then you watch the Ocon brothers do their thing on a Heidelberg printing press.

Suddenly, when all is said and done, you just may realize that your word is, in fact, worth the paper it’s printed on.