A Gamma Folk Tale

Handwoven accessories from a Brooklyn designer

gamma folk!

Today’s trends can be confusing (see: pants under dresses).

For styles that endure, look to Gamma Folk, a traditionally crafted collection of woven necklaces.

In the spirit of merging past and present, Brooklyn-based designer Lily Piyathaisere dyes cotton rope, yarn, linen, and thread with natural, sustainable materials (madder root, black walnut hulls) and uses old-fashioned coloring techniques. Then she gets to work braiding, knotting, and wrapping.

The intricate pieces add character to your daily uniform. No. 16’s thread holds a one-of-a-kind quartz stone (reported to dispel negativity); No. 13 draws eyes with a nautical-inspired knot and coiled stripe pattern in indigo and tan. Our favorite: the blush, madder root-dyed number with a braided pendant.

Chalk one up for clarity.

Available at gammafolk.com, $35-$90.

Photo: Courtesy of Gamma Folk