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Score a Healthy Buzz with Panatea

A matcha cocktail to light you up

matcha recipe!

Word on the streets (of Soho) is that matcha’s the new It ingredient.

Skeptics at heart, we questioned how a green powder could cause such a ruckus.

Then we tasted Panatea’s matcha: sourced straight from Nishio, Japan, where the climate, fertile soil, and fresh water yield nutrient-filled tea leaves unlike any other. One serving (nutritionally equal to approximately ten cups of green tea) pumps you full of chlorophyll, catechins (a class of antioxidants), and amino acids, which detoxify, boost your metabolism, and reduce anxiety, respectively.

We prepared traditional tea using one of Panatea’s ceremonial-grade sets, which includes all the necessary components (bamboo whisk, custom scoop, double-wall glass bowl, tea tin). And guess what? It was easy. Thrill seekers can mix the matcha with champagne and sake. This recipe’s a keeper.

matcha recipe!
So Matcha Fun Cocktail
Serves one

1 scoop Panatea matcha (or other matcha)
1 oz. hot water
5 small mint leaves
2 oz. sake
½ oz. yuzu juice (or citrus juice of choice)
1 oz. agave
1 handful ice cubes
1 splash champagne

1. Stir matcha and hot water with a spoon to create a green concentrate.

2. In a small bowl, muddle the mint leaves.

3. Add green concentrate, muddled mint, sake, yuzu juice, agave, and ice to a glass or shaker.

4. Shake, then pour liquid into a fresh glass. Add ice cubes and top with a splash of champagne.

Panatea matcha green tea, available at panateagreen.com. Tea tin, $34; tea set, $54.

Photos: Courtesy of Panatea