MakeSpace Wins the Storage Wars

Your clutter problems solved


The sandals in your oven are a sign: You need some storage space.

But schlepping your stuff to a warehouse near JFK feels a little too Law & Order.

Take your issues (and off-season clothes) to the cloud with MakeSpace, a very real storage company that keeps everything on your end virtual.

The concept is as clever as it is simple: The company delivers sturdy bins to your place for you to pack as you please (clothes, books, your inexplicable CD collection). Then, like organization fairies, they whisk your flotsam away after snapping a pic of the boxes to catalog online. When you need your stuff back, simply sign in to your account, pick the items you want, and schedule a delivery within 24 hours.

The affordable service is a savior for sardine-packed, carless New Yorkers who don’t want to leave their apartments — meaning all of us.

Available at makespace.com, $25 a month for four bins. DailyCandy readers receive a $50 credit with code DailyCandy on their first upload.

Photo: Courtesy of MakeSpace