Susan Alexandra’s Bracelets Look on the Bright Side

Dress up your dreary days

susan alexandra!

Your attitude is starting to resemble the weather: miserable.

Beat the blues with a radiant line of Manhattan-made accessories from Susan Alexandra.

Flick off Old Man Winter with playful, hand-painted bracelets and cuffs embellished with found and vintage baubles and hand-sculpted clay beads.

Alexandra draws inspiration from Frida Kahlo’s lace gowns, ’90s Oilily patterns, and bodega signs for her whimsical, brightly hued designs (intricately detailed brush strokes, 3-D floral shapes made from pearls and rhinestones).

Cuffs are perfect for stacking; make a bold statement with larger pieces such as Bombay or Adored (a hidden note reminds you that “U R Loved”).

We feel warmer already.

Available at susanalexandra.com, $90-$215.

Photos: Courtesy of Susan Alexandra