A Cook's Tour of New York

He’s baaaack! And — no surprise — he’s up to his usual antics.

In Kitchen Confidential, bad boy Les Halles chef Anthony Bourdain dished about what goes on behind the swinging doors at restaurants. (By now we don’t need to warn you not to order fish on Sundays, right?)

His latest book, A Cook’s Tour: In Search of the Perfect Meal, chronicles the year he spent traveling the world sampling the best, the grossest, and the weirdest fare he could find. (Doubt his crazy tales? The Food Network caught it all; the series premieres on January 8th.)

Since we probably won’t be having live cobra heart in Saigon anytime soon, we asked Bourdain to share some of his local favorites.

Best street food: The burger stand at 62nd and Madison, southwest corner
Best bistro: Easy answer! Brasserie Les Halles (411 Park Avenue South, between 28th and 29th Streets; 212-679-4111.)
Best pizza: Lombardi’s (32 Spring Street, between Mott and Mulberry Streets; 212-941-7994)
Best hangover cure: Brioschi (a bitter Italian drink) and leftover Kung Pao chicken
Best hangover preventive: Stick with clear liquor and sushi
Best donut: Krispy Kreme
Best steak: Peter Luger (178 Broadway, at Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-387-7400)
Best burger: Corner Bistro (331 West 4th Street, at Jane Street; 212-242-9502)
Best innards: Babbo (110 Waverly Place, between MacDougal Street and Sixth Avenue; 212-777-0303)
Best fries: Les Halles. No contest.
Best grilled cheese: Corner Bistro
Best pub: Desmonds (433 Park Avenue South, at 29th Street; 212-684-9472)
Best bar food: Sushi Samba — just drink caipirinhas and order sushi (87 Seventh Avenue, at Barrow Street; 212-691-7885 and 245 Park Avenue South, between 19th and 20th Streets; 212-475-9377)
Best supermarket: Fairway (2127 Broadway, at 75th Street; 212-595-1794)
Best corner deli: Kalustyan’s (123 Lexington Avenue, at 28th Street; 212-685-3451)
Best sushi: Sushi Yasuda (204 East 43rd Street, between Second and Third Avenues; 212-972-1001)
Best cheap meal: La Rosita (2809 Broadway, at 109th Street; 212-663-7804)

His favorite new bar? No doubt Brasserie Les Halles Downtown, which is opening soon. Stay tuned.

A Cook’s Tour: In Search of the Perfect Meal is available from our sponsor Amazon.com or at your local bookstore.