Food & Drink

La Dulce Vita

Cruising the aisles at your local deli, you stop dead in your tracks. No, it’s not gummi worms, the Guardian Angel, or a green apple pop.

You’re in LA. And it’s the sickest thing you’ve ever spotted.

Dulce de Leche M&M’s.

Now, that’s just cruel. Just when you’d weaned yourself from the pint-in-a-sitting Haagen Dazs habit, M&M’s comes out with the flavor to end all flavors. Inspired by the famous Latin American dessert, the rich caramel cream interior is surrounded by the classic candy coating. Dulce de Leche M&M’s are primarily available in California now, but soon they’ll be everywhere. (Consider yourself warned.)

At 55 percent of the USRDA of fat, you may as well just rub these babies onto your thighs. But, wait! They contain eight percent of the USRDA for calcium! Um, strong bones?

Justification can go a long, long way, baby.

Dulce de Leche M&M’s will soon be available nationwide everywhere M&M’s are sold. Visit mms.com for more info.