There's the Rub

Some people hear the word Rolfing and think of some weird cultish sixties thing practiced by members of est.

Others hear the word and say “huh?”

One woman — a reporter in fact — offered the ever-so-eloquent “It sounds like something you do when you get drunk and throw up.”

An unfortunate term it is. But these days it seems everywhere you turn, someone’s talking about Rolfing. And they aren’t referring to the after-effect of a bad oyster.

Rather, the closest description we can come up with is that it’s the deepest, most intense massage-like experience you can imagine (not the sort of bodywork for those who seek a massage asking to be gently pet). The manipulation (stretching and redirecting) of your interconnective tissues, rolfing takes place while you (yay!) lie on a table. Yeah, it’s hard-core, but it is the perfect antidote to the mangley stresses of city life.

Especially when it’s done right. We found Danielle Schreiber, a 27-year-old Brown University alum (a quadruplet, in fact) who practices out of a quaint studio on Prince Street in SoHo, complete with crisp white curtains and a bitty fountain in the corner. Not only do her hands work wonders, she’s also one of the more Zen creatures we’ve come upon. (Not to mention a fierce dresser.)

Normally $150 a session, Danielle is offering DailyCandy subscribers $30 off for the next two weeks.

Try it, seriously. It rocks.