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Bouley's Back!

It’s no secret that grateful lasses have been throwing themselves at firemen recently. But if you’re thinking of propositioning a certain other New York hero, we suggest making a reservation at his restaurant instead, which opens tomorrow.

Eight years ago, after ten years of cranking out some of this city’s finest food, David Bouley closed the doors to his namesake restaurant, Bouley. And New York’s gastronomes wept. Sure, he left us Bouley Bakery, but it just wasn’t the same. Where was the cocky pomp and circumstance? Where was that fab French farmhouse feel?

After months of cooking and serving for rescuers and volunteers at Ground Zero, David Bouley is back to feed the rest of us. He’s ditched the bakery concept and gone back to his fancypants roots. The menu’s as humble as the man. It changes daily and includes such oeuvres as a phyllo-crusted shrimp in ocean broth and Valrhona-chocolate souffle.

For crying out loud, what did you expect? This is Bouley. Need we say more? Well, maybe one thing: Hats off to David for all that he’s done for New York.

As for the rest of you, we suggest booking well in advance.

Bouley, 120 West Broadway, between Duane and Reade Streets (212-964-2525). Closed Mondays.