Ode to the Grecian Coffee Cup

Contemplating the soon-to-be-relics of NYC— the subway token, the pay phone, the rent-controlled apartment — we ask:

How long till the classic symbol of NYC, the Greek coffee cup, becomes extinct?

Not long.

Until now those particularly fond of the signature blue and white cup (created in 1967, named Anthora, if such trivia piques your interest) had but one option: Bronze the damn thing.

Which, no matter how attached one is to the vessel, seems a bit far to go.

Now, thanks to the pottery studio-cum-retail shop and Website Our Name is Mud, the NYC icon of both drudge and love has been kiln-fired, glazed, and immortalized.

And it’s pretty cool-looking, to boot.

Take one over to your local Starbucks. See if they’ll serve your Frap in that.

Note: Because of the overwhelming response to the Price is Right contest, we will announce the winner of the leather skirt in tomorrow’s DailyCandy.Thanks for your patience!