Calypso, Meet Duane Reade

Tommy Hilfiger did it.

Club Monaco did it.

Now Calypso, the NoLIta shop known for its slinky dresses, itsy bikinis, wraps, straw bags, and other decidedly feminine trinkets, has opened a beauty boutique.

Designed to feel like a Mediterranean pharmacy, Calypso Beaut? features all those totally unnecessary pretty cosmetic must haves like one-of-a-kind glassware and ceramics as well as hard-to-find products exclusive to St. Barth’s and pharmacies of the Mediterranean.

Expect more perfumes, oils, laundry freshener, creams, and candles than you could ever fit in that cereal box-sized medicine cabinet of yours. Lines include Comptoir des Indes et du Pacifique, French West Indies, Edith Mezard, Weleda, Cote Bastide, and of course, the Calypso Line.

So, when that come-hither dress from next door just won’t fit over your hips, a tub of $20 cream just might be the remedy for the “I need to feel sexy” shopping blues.

We just can’t promise you’ll feel as sexy when you get your AmEx bill.