Come Dancing

Sick of pretentious clubs where the more bored you look, the cooler you seem? Is dancing on top of the bar finally getting old?

Move over, karaoke. Social gadabouts are flocking to the new Wednesday-night salsa party at Suite 16. Yes, the rest of the week the club is ridden with velvet-rope attitude, but for the salsa crowd they trade the guest list for some good old-fashioned fun. (If only this trend were contagious …)

When was the last time you went all out for mojitos and dancing? Don’t worry if you could barely master the Macarena; the mamacita and papi on hand will show you how to shake the maracas your own mama gave you.

And just think: You’ll have something new to think about during the six nights you spend sucking in your cheeks everywhere else.

Suite 16, 127 Eighth Avenue, at 16th Street (212-627-1680).