Hey, Ladies. . .

Just when you thought Martha Stewart had come up with every quirky, charming, random thing to sell…

Smith & Hawken has one-upped her.

The California-based retailer is now selling Coccinella septempunctata, otherwise known as the ladybug.

Packaged in one pint-sized carton, each batch of 2,000 thousand beetles is harvested from the forest floor in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The red and black-spotted insects are shipped throughout the country.

In addition to making such cuddly pets, ladybugs are an asset to any garden, munching up aphids and other soft-bodied pests. Whether they can take on a NYC cockroach has yet to be determined.

But the bugs can purportedly survive quite nicely inside apartments… with the right sort of owner. “It’s important to be an earthy person if you’re going to have them inside,” advises Paula White, vice-president of marketing for Organic Control, Inc., which supplies Smith & Hawken with ladybugs. “They’re very social and hang out with one another. They poop and make babies.”

Need we say more?