The New It Guy

There’s a name buzzing around the tables at Sette Mezzo, Swifty’s, Elio’s and any other spot at which the uptown crowd is currently congregating.

Craig Cohen.

He’s not one of Quest 500’s most eligible bachelors, he’s not the new “it” trainer, he’s not Jessica Sklar’s rumored other man, he’s…

Computer guy.

And the ladies who lunch love him.

“He’s made me love my computer. I was so afraid of it…,” says one Park Avenue resident who did not care to be identified. “He makes it all so easy and understandable.”

Cohen, who shuttles around from 5,000-square-foot co-op to 6,000-square-foot co-op, dispenses computer wisdom to boldface-name types (think large university donors, owners of football teams…) As Cohen, a former kindergarten teacher, phrases it, “It’s all about walking them though it slowly and gently.”

Cohen declined to comment further on the intelligence level or learning speed of his clientele. He left it simply as “I guess people need it. They pay more for me than they do for their personal trainer.”