A Cell Phone to Flip For

The other night at dinner, a friend pulled out the sleekest cell phone we’ve spotted in some time.

It was bitsy (three inches long).
It was silver.
It weighed no more than a box of paper clips (three ounces to be precise).

In sum, wickedly cool. (Our favorite detail: The flip phone is called “The Vader.”)

We oohed and aahed and begged its owner to reveal whence it came. Turns out this friend was tipped off by an “underground” connection… and the darn thing’s not out yet?according to the folks at Motorola, at least.

A few calls later, here’s what we’ve got for you: The Motorola V8160 CDMA phone (with mini Web browser)?due to hit the States officially in September (though some predict sooner)?is available now at one branch of Wireless Warehouse, which sources it from South America, Hong Kong, and Venezuela, (don?t expect any help from the instruction manual?though there is a Xeroxed English version). The beeper-sized gadget is pricey ($599, eek!), but DailyCandy subscribers who bring in a printed copy of this e-mail will receive an 8 percent discount.

As of today only about twenty units are in stock, but a Hong Kong shipment arrives next week. Should any waitlist materialize, DailyCandy subscribers will be given top priority.