Paper Bag Pickings

Every year it’s the same story.
All the Conde Nast girls have some item that everyone else wants.

A Manolo shoe.
A Fendi bag.
A Nars nail polish.

This year, the situation is a bit more complex.
It’s a lunch bag. And it isn’t available at retail.

Yes, that infamous cafeteria has yielded a trend: the lunch bag as indispensable tote. As ho-hum as it may sound, all the meticulously groomed PYT’s are toting home their magazines, P.R. graft, and spanking-new Palm Pilots in these pretty blue bags doled out at lunchtime.

A bit of intrepid reporting, and we found the source. RTR Packaging, a well-kept secret among the bargain-obsessed (because the upstairs studio sells gift wrap, boxes, bags, and such at dirt-cheap prices), is responsible for this miraculous creation and will custom-make all sorts of wares.

But before you get all excited by the 50-cent-per-bag price tag, be forewarned: The minimum run is 3,000.

That, sadly, could run you a couple of grand. But, we ask, at what price comes such hipness?