Need a Miracle?

When was the last time you found yourself sitting on a purple chaise between Susan Sarandon and Liv Tyler?

Um, never?

Unless, that is, you’ve recently discovered Tracie Martyn, beautician extraordinaire. Her specialty? Resculpting body parts, sans sucking tool or scalpel. Elizabeth Hurley, Madonna, and Linda Evangelista swear by her unique process of aromatherapy massage and electrical current. Her resculpting facial can wipe years off your face. Good-bye, puffiness, double chins, and droopy eyelids — hello, cheekbones!

No poking or squeezing, either. The same technique does it all — reduces cellulite, and tones and lifts thighs, butt, arms, and waist. Her magic doesn’t come cheap: Facials with Tracie are $385; body work is $170 per hour. (Appointments with her aestheticians go for much less.)

Too rich for your skin? Try her coveted Firming Serum, now available on her Website. Susan never leaves home without it, Liv swears by it, and Gwyneth gave it to Kate (Capshaw) as a gift.

Good enough for us.

Tracie Martyn, 59 Fifth Avenue, between 12th and 13th Streets (212-206-9333); and online at traciemartyn.com.