I've Got a Clutch on You


At a schmantzy cocktail party.

Looking oh-so-blase with a — wait, is that a magazine under your arm? (A smart woman always comes equipped with good reading material.)

That may look like your favorite glossy, but it’s really the most killer, clamored-for evening tote around. Lutci recently resurrected this ’70s accessory classic, which is now impossible to find (even if you’re trolling eBay and rifling through dusty vintage shops). The magazine bags are kitschy and witty. “Diva” is a mock fashion rag, complete with its own pseudo cover girl. “New York View” features a Times Square-like street scene. “The Hollywood” might do more for starlets than Daily Variety.

Free subscription with every bag? No thanks. Hold out for some interesting cocktail-party chatter instead.

Lutci clutches are available online at patriciafield.com.

For vintage magazine clutches, check out ebay.com.