Lexicon IV

If you’ve been a DailyCandy subscriber for a while, you know the drill. Lexicons. We love words almost as much as we love food, fashion, and fun. If you’re new to the game, allow us to debrief you. So enthusiastic were the responses to Lexicon installments I, II, and III that we keep a file of words we pick up along the way as well as words we create when we see the lack of a better word out there. (Like “stray.” Stray? C’mon, like you don’t know one. A stray is the term for a straight man who everyone secretly believes is gay.)

So without further ado, we present the DailyCandy Lexicon IV:

E-mailing when drunk — i.e., drunk e-mailing

The drugged-out sensation one gets when poring over spreadsheets or instruction manuals; acronym for “my eyes glaze over”

Gross, nasty; hybrid term — raunchy meets skanky

Pronounced “goo;” acronym for “geographically undesirable.” (Great guy and all, but totally gu — he lives all the way in Boerum Hill!)

Male Housewife