DailyCandy Briefing

Heads up, New York; the world of underpants may never be the same.

As Elaine said to Seinfeld regarding the male anatomy, “I don’t know HOW you guys walk around with those things.”

So leave it to the Japanese—the perennial masters of functionality—to remedy such a shaky situation. Enter MUJI, a new luxury boxer that fits like a brief. The soft hybrid undergarment is thoughtfully designed to keep everything in place while still adhering to the aesthetic of the boxer. Needless to say, the MUJI has fans raving.

“Things can really flap around down there,” confided one devotee who recently traded in his Brooks Brothers pinstripes for a pair. “These hold everything in place.”

Another convert cheered, “Once you wear them, you’ll never go back.”

So, tightie-whitie fans, loosen up.

Because real men don’t wear panties.