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The other day we got the scoop on a hip new underground bar downtown. So a-candy-hunting we went… and found it.

Indeed it was cool: It was dark and no larger than a subway car, with an old tin ceiling, an impressive menu of drinks, and that hard-to-come-by undiscovered vibe. Like a speakeasy. There were even clever touches like fresh strawberries on the bar.

In we walked, digital camera in hand, ready to give you the skinny on the new “in” spot … only to be told that the owner wanted no press. He wanted an insider crowd, “a media one,” he explained (like that’s gonna get him no press???). So we put the camera away. (Especially after he threatened to keep us out forever if we spilled the beans.)

Instead, we play the candy game. At right, a scrambled address and a photo hint.

Consider it a scavenger hunt. If you can find it, you’ve earned it. Have a great weekend.