Write On

So you haven’t gone to the gym yet.

And you’ve — sigh — sadly accepted that you won’t have the time to end world hunger, stop global warming, or figure out this damn North Korea problem.

We’re only a few weeks into 2003, but you already know this year will be spent pretty much like the last: eating Fritos at your desk.

Still. It doesn’t all have to be about the same old. Start the new year off with a fresh set of supplies. You can do better than the Ticonderogas or Post-its. Check out Russell and Hazel’s latest line of paper products, a collection so sleek and simple that even the piggiest slacker will feel the urge to organize.

The two former graphic designers have thought of everything — notebooks with dividers, contact sheets, and one-of-a-kind bags made of cool materials like old band uniforms (pencil case? evening clutch?).

No, this won’t be the year you win the Pulitzer. But at least you’ll be starting it off on a good note.

Available online at russellandhazel.com.