Burn Rate

You know, we just so happen to think you have a lovely ass. We don’t even mind your pouchy little belly. (Oh, we’re the freaks? When was the last time you ordered your precious latte with whole milk?)

Lighten up, and get some perspective on your mind-body problem. No, you don’t need to work out more. You just need to be smarter — and lazier — about it. The magic trick? Six exercises, 20 minutes, once per week. Impossible? Not with trainer Adam Zickerman, a proponent of the slow-burn workout, which you’re going to be hearing about a lot more this year. (The gist: When it comes to lifting weights, slower and harder is better than lighter and frequent.)

Slackers and sports-bra-haters will be equally delighted to know that you won’t even break a sweat. We worked out last week in our office clothes, and went straight to dinner afterwards.

And, of course, ordered chocolate souffle for dessert. And didn’t share.

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