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Choco Chanel

We tried having our cake and eating it, too.

It left us pretty hungry.

But scoring a new bag and throwing back bon-bons in one shot is what we call a two-for-one special.

Talk about the fusion of food and fashion: Choco Choco House makes chocolate handbags. The preservative-free confections are made from the best French and Belgian chocolates and come in six or twelve piece sets. Okay, okay, you can’t carry much around in them. (Not even the teeniest cell phone will fit in the one-inch package.)

But so what? The purses come pre-packed with all sorts of deliciousness. The British collection, printed with the Union Jacks, is filled with Earl Grey-infused ganache. The Mayan line has chili pepper notes. Champagne, Cappuccino, and Grand Marnier contain, well, that’s pretty obvious.

Can’t decide? Get the whole collection.

Bag whore.

Available online at chocochocohouse.com.