Lit Fix

Ah, the burden of wealth.

Mercedes SL55? Check. Custom-designed home with oak-paneled library? Check. Books for library? Whoops …

Maybe the New York apartment is just a pied-a-terre and your real collection is elsewhere. Maybe the decorator bills only left enough to buy a stack of paper plates. Or maybe you just don’t, like, read. Whatever your excuse, you don’t have to know Keats from Yeats to know that a residence bereft of books can evoke that eerily empty, Cribs-like feeling.

The Strand, beloved mecca of bibliophiles, can get you books in bulk — and fast. From $10 per foot for hardcover bargain variety books to $350 per foot for antique leather classics, the Strand’s Books by the Foot service will fill those empty shelves. Or, for those who prefer to cultivate their gardens, Nancy Bass, granddaughter of the store’s founder, will hand-select books you might actually like.

Just don’t forget to leave a couple on your bedside table. They look so realistic by that reading-lamp thingie.

For more information, go to strandbooks.com.