The Good, the Bad, and the Accessories

Despite, um, appearances, you like to think of yourself as kind of a bad girl.

Okay, so you don’t exactly ride around on a Harley, getting full-body tattoos and beating people up or anything. But, hey, you play a mean air guitar. And when it comes to lingerie … (Let’s just say that stays behind closed doors.) You like your little secrets. You’re entitled.

But why not give everyone else a glimpse of that inner badass? (Pun only semi-intended.) Jono Pandolfi jewelry has the ideal touch of toughness to temper your ever-so-demure exterior. The Brooklyn-based designer’s silver wire creations are pretty enough to sport at Starbucks but cool enough to bust out at your favorite 3 a.m. dive. Cuffs, earrings, pendants … Wear a single piece for a subtle effect, or pile them on to feign a truly fierce exterior.

Because we all deserve to play the bad girl once in a while. And it needn’t be a secret.

Available at Shop, 105 Stanton Street, at Ludlow Street (212-375-0304). To see styles, go to jonopandolfi.com.